Are you a company looking for insight into the fragrance industry? Or even looking for a 'nose to hire'?

If you want the reassurance of knowing your fragrance project is in the hands of someone who understands fragrance creation, marketing, trends, science and logistics – I am your girl! With 14 years’ experience working with the biggest names in fragrance, I offer a unique set of skills and insight, ideally suited to helping your Company.

In fact, I am the only Fragrance Consultant in the World with experience in both P&G AND Unilever!

We provide fragrance consultancy services & professional training & communication. Our services have been provided to the chemical/FMCG industry and educational/research programs.

Topics may include:
• fragrance industry processes
• perfumery concepts
• olfactive guidance and support
• strategic market/trend analysis
• fragrance design
• project management
• STEM careers